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The undersigned Company, hereafter referred to as "company", hereby Applies for Membership for S.I.R. World Network, Inc., as outlined below,
including unemployment tax control, sexual harassment, discrimination, labor rules, management training and online, phone consulting which will include the following:
1. SIR / SEM will provide Employee Management training for officers, owners, managers, and supervisors, in Unemployment management procedures required by state and federal government agencies including employee documentation, employee relations, labor requirements, EEOC, Unemployment Tax Control, and the required mandate for sexual harassment and discrimination training.
2. SIR / SEM will create Online a web-site for your company. Your company will have excess to setup and maintain areas of private area password access for each group, owners, officers, manager, supervisors, special guest, customers, and employee. You can set-up and control employee’s business e-mail accounts for better security of confidential information because it will keep the flow of company information away from the Internet free e-mail accounts which will stops others from getting you confidential E-Mail information. Your company administrators will have the authority to build e-mail accounts, change passwords and make change on the web-site to revoke use of an e-mail by employees separated form the company. In the public access area information can be about job postings, advertisements, special promotions, special information can be posted on the web page by your administrators about whatever you would like.
3. SIR - SEM training and testing is provided online or by CD, DVD - Video and telephone consultation.
4. SIR / SEM will provide online master copies of the necessary employee forms (warning, suspension, termination, I-9's, W-4's) How to use the forms, HR Information to control your Unemployment Tax, Labor claims, and E.E.O.C. claims and charges filed.
5. The program of controlling unemployment claims filed by former employees of your company is a cost control program and generally returns 90 % of every dollar you save on unemployment TAX. Your company agree that if SIR-SEM files protest or appeals for the company reguarrding Unemployment claims of current or former employee and if benefits paid are not charged back to the employer. a fee of 10% of the tax dollars saved will be paid to SIR - SEM for claim amounts stopped. 
6. SIR / SEM will maintain records of every claim filed for unemployment benefits against your company.
7. SIR / SEM will provide training of procedures of state and federal agencies (Unemployment, Labor, Federal or State EEOC) to help understand determinations and procedures in order to prevent charges to your company.
8. SIR / SEM if required by your company, will review determinations made by an unemployment office and if unfavorable to the company, SEM will help you file appeals to the proper administrative judges to schedule a hearing.
9. When hearing dates are set and a notice received, a review of who from the company who should attend former employees supervisor's) with first hand testimony attends the hearing. SEM will inform witnesses of hearing proceedings and how the hearing process works and to help them know what company documents to take with them to the hearing. It helps set them at ease and to be prepared and remember to provide the necessary information as well as truthful testimony at the hearing.
10. SIR / SEM decisions of administrative judges and appeal unfavorable hearing decisions received from a hearing officer, to Boards of Appeals as appropriate.
11. SIR / SEM  your company should provide written argument to appeals boards of the facts presented at a hearing and why the decision of the judge should have been favorable for the employer not the claimant.
12. SIR / SEM will maintain confidential record of any claims worked by SIR-SEM and filed against your company which your company will have access to 24/7. SEM will provide you company with a yearly analysis of all claims and cost plus amounts of tax dollars saved.
13. SIR / SEM will train your employee to review all charges made to your unemployment tax account and you should protest the benefits paid to a former employee which should not have been charged to your company. Since 1971 SEM has found that even when unemployment benefits charges are stopped, 25% to over 40% end up being charged to your company anyway. Mistakes made by government employees. The need to again protested charges and provide the favorable notices. This is a 36 months action after each claim is filed to make sure the departments give you company credit for the over charge and do not recharge you.
14. The principle control of all claims and benefits charged or not charged is the responsibility of the employing company. The actions of your company managers, supervisors and employees while the employee is working for the company and or the actions taken at the time of termination, will be the determining factors in whether the company will be charged for any benefits allowed or for other damages, claims or charges made be Employees.
15. Before you discharge an employee, your supervisors and managers should talk with your company Officers, HR, or Upper management first, also you  can make a phone call to SIR-SEM, to review you problem and who can help stop many problems and outline if your decision is just.
16. SIR Exempt Employee Program saves employers with 15 to 25 employees an average of $800 a month. Sir Service charge for service is 20% of each dollar saved . If you company will be using the SIR Exempt employee program and not paying State and Federal Unemployment Tax on program employees, you need to contact SIR  ( ) or  ( 801-472-7611 ) for the information and agreement use for the program.

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